Yoga and Health Benefits: Why You Need to Take a Class

If you’ve ever thought about starting yoga practice, you will have noticed the amount of good publicity yoga gets. People who regularly practice yoga are full of the benefits this exercise brings – for the body and for the mind. But their explanations about why yoga is good for you may fall on deaf ears until you’ve actually tried it for yourself. Here are a few key reasons why yoga should be your next gym class or activity.


Improved Flexibility


When you first do yoga you may struggle to complete even the simplest back bend. You may think your body is pretty inflexible and wonder how you will be able to manage the postures. But with practice you’ll find you become more flexible. You’ll notice that the tightness begins to loosen. Aches and pains that cause a strain in your body begin to fade away. You can touch your toes and you start to stand taller and more comfortably. All this has to do with the increased flexibility yoga causes.


Better Posture


It’s hard work carrying the weight of your head around all day, and when your head is resting continually at the wrong angle it puts a lot of pressure on your neck and spine resulting in pain and discomfort. Discovering a better way to stand helps you walk more easily, and sit more comfortably. Yoga lengthens and strengthens your muscles and encourages the proper alignment of your body, resulting in better posture whether you are sitting, standing or even lying down.


Healthier Joints


Yoga classes at take your joints through a full range of motion – something you are not used to doing every day. Without proper movement and the full exercising of all your joints you are at risk of conditions such as arthritis. Yoga is a healthy way to ensure your range of motion is not compromised now or in the future.


Better Bones


Yoga benefits your bones too. Weight-bearing exercises strengthen your bones and help guard against osteoporosis. No matter your age, you can benefit from strengthening your bones to avoid fractures in later life. Many yoga postures require you to lift your entire body weight so they are good for increasing bone strength.


Improved Circulation


One great way that yoga makes a difference to your health is through increased blood flow around the body. More oxygen is delivered to your cells and organs, which helps them function better. Swelling in your legs is minimized, and the risk of blood clots is reduced.


Helps Your Heart


Many sequences in yoga get your heart pumping hard and deliver a good aerobic workout. When you work your heart and your cardiovascular system you benefit in many ways – you lower your risk of heart attack, you help ward off depression, and you improve your lung function. Even yoga classes that don’t go at a fast pace have been shown to lower your resting heart rate so you can increase your endurance levels and feel better.

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