About Us

Welcome to Chartered Health Plan! Chartered Health Plan has been caring for the community since 1988, and goes the extra mile to deliver quality medical care to District residents. We improve access to health care because we take our services to the community. Above all, we own a transportation company and a full-service health center, which enables us to provide door-to-door service and one-stop primary health care.


Chartered Health Plan stresses quality medical care by providing our members with a choice of health care providers, health education, and staff dedicated to service excellence.  Chartered Health Plan is committed to developing health care resources, which will assist minorities in the District of Columbia to maintain their health and to become totally healthy individuals. The ultimate goal is to strengthen educational and economical development by helping to bridge the digital divide for our community.
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Chartered Health Plan was incorporated in September 1986 and is a private sector minority owned and operated Health Maintenance Organization.  In 1988, Chartered Health Plan pioneered the development of managed health care for Medicaid beneficiaries receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits.  Currently, more than 31,000 of the eligible AFDC recipients are enrolled in Chartered Health Plan receiving quality services with care.


Chartered Health Plan’s provider network includes over 1,400 community-based Providers, 54 primary care sites, and Providers based at our multi-specialty Chartered Family Health Center. Chartered Health Plan’s hospital network in the District of Columbia includes seven (7) hospitals.
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Chartered Health Plan physicians are recognized leaders in their profession. Our members consistently give high marks to our doctors’ knowledge, professionalism and commitment to quality care. Our members can choose from a list of more than 1,400 community based and private practice Providers. All of our physicians are either Board Certified or eligible and have been affiliated with Chartered Health Plan for many years.

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