How Can Air Purifiers Eradicate the Common Household Enemy –Mold?

Your beautiful home is likely to face attack or already has surrendered to an adversary if you are living in a place with high humidity. Smelling an unpleasant odor at home might be the hint towards the mold growing in some parts of your house. The walls when affected look ugly, and furniture soon crumbles to dust. However, it has more adverse harmful effects that you might consider paying attention to.

Mold the enemy of your health:

The tolerance power against mold varies from one individual to another. Hence, excess mold colonies in a house or work area can severely affect the immune system, viruses attacking the health. These harmful fungi are perilous to those allergic from the mold, individuals suffering from asthma. With prolonged exposure to these fungi, you may find difficulty in breathing, constant coughing, sneezing, irritation in throat and eyes and other health conditions. To get rid of these harmful mold colonies it is crucial to avail the service of experts of mold testing Kansas City and filter the air though purifiers.

The right product for the sanitary environment:

When looking for an ideal air purifier, it is necessary to focus on it works. Apart from considering, different sizes, shapes or color, also enquire about its technological feature. The more used and generic types of air purifiers have either of these filters:

  • HEPA ( high-efficiency particulate air)
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Ultra Violet technology
  • Negative ion
  • Ozone

The most effective one out of the above options is the HEPA filters. Air purifiers having this particular fine filter has proficiency in trapping all particles above the size of 0.3 microns. Hence, viruses, bacteria, and other particles are invisible to human vision and yet equally harmful for their well-being. The designing of this filter should be such that air would pass through it consistently. If the air is unable to pass through, it is a call to change the old filter with a new one.

However, the uneasy odor, intrusion of chemicals and gasses, would require the activated carbon filter. Hence, the perfect model is the HEPA air purifier with carbon filters that would control the odor, and keep the air fresh and pure.

How far can it help?

An air purifier prevents new mold clusters, by being a sturdy and protective barrier. It is a long-lasting product, which saves the furniture, walls from possible damaged as well. Hence, you would not have to worry about these extreme consequences. Besides, it also blocks the entry of viruses that harm the healthy people inhaling in that atmosphere. The role is to fight the new ones. However, it cannot help getting rid of the mold colonies already living on furniture and walls. Before installing it, scrape off the wall affected with the fungi, clean it thoroughly but do not rinse it with water.

Mostly, the affected areas are visible to the eye and hence easily cleaned off. However, the fungi invisible to the naked eye might still be there and could grow eventually. To ensure that you have treated it perfectly call upon the mold testing Kansas City services to inspect that no mold fungi or colony is still present in the treated area. Henceforth eliminate the entry of it by installing an effective air purifier.