Top 6 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Women’s body faces numerous changes throughout the life and they can cause various good or bad results on overall health. The most common trouble that women face with changing health conditions in their life is the unusual hair loss. You might have tried so many hair care products to cope up with this problem but in medical terms it is more important to deal with the root causes first. Here are 6 common reasons that lead to hair loss in women:

  1. Bad hair care habits:

Many girls try excessive hairstyling tools like curlers, gels, sprays, mousse and colours etc. The prolonged and too much use of these products can destroy the natural health of hair and hamper their normal growth. Wrong comb styles, tight ponytails, parting hair can further make the situation worst. It is good to try natural hair care treatments to let them grow in healthy manner.

  1. Anemia:

When you follow low iron intake, it leads to anemia. Most of the females are observed to suffer with anemia, especially due to heavy menstruation. This problem may also arise due to improper amount of folic acid inside body. The ultimate results are reduction in haemoglobin production that reduces oxygen in organs. When your hair follicles are not able to receive right amount of oxygen, they naturally start growing weaker and break with time.

  1. Hormonal imbalances:

This is the state where androgens or male hormones get secreted in excess proportion and they try to create a fluid like sac around ovaries. This condition is known as Cysts and it majorly occurs due to improper hormonal balance in the body of a women. This issue has major impact on hair growth. Females may find unwanted hair growth in other parts of body whereas it starts reducing hair around scalp.

  1. Labour:

Many surveys reveal that most of the women face undesired hair loss after delivery. Generally, during pregnancy, estrogens level rise up to peaks inside body of a female and they naturally have better hair. But once the baby comes out then all hormones slowly come out to their normal balance and it may often lead to severe hair fall at least at once. But note that, this is just a temporary state and you will find your hairs normal within few weeks.

  1. Protein deficiency:

You need to know that hairs are actually made up of protein cells that are commonly known as Keratin. When females do not add proper care to their routine diet they often lose protein content in body and it causes direct side effect on their hair. Reduced protein levels make hair more brittle and they start falling prematurely. So the best solution is to switch to healthy diet and let your hair grow healthier.

  1. Disturbed medical conditions:

Few medial illness states can also lead to hair loss. The most common situations are thyroid and autoimmune disease. If your body is facing too much hormonal imbalances then you may face more troubles. It is better to ask medical experts for proper guidelines. Check some official health product reviews to get complete details about best recommendations.