5 most popular international cuisines today

As more people are migrating to developed countries like the U.S., people now have multicultural roots and then enjoy foods of different countries. The millennials, in particular, love eating foods of various regions. Here are the most popular international cuisines today.


Italian food

Italian cuisine has developed a lot over the years due to social and political changes. Italian food is noted for its abundance of various taste, and regional diversity. It is currently the most popular food in the world. Pizza and pasta are the famous Italian dishes.


Mexican food

It is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with the Spanish style. The basic staples in the Mexican food are corn, chili peppers, and beans. But the Europeans had introduced lots fo meat, dairy products, and herbs later on. Mexican food is gaining much popularity today. The most famous Mexican dishes are the tortilla-wrapped creations.


Chinese food

Chinese cuisines have various styles that originate from the diverse regions of China. There are Chinese restaurants in every part of the world and the demand for this food will never disappear.


Japanese food

The ingredients, preparation and eating techniques are unique for Japanese food. The traditional food of Japan is rice with miso soup. They give emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Fish is a common ingredient in Japanese food. They are often served raw as sashimi or sushi. Sushi is a very popular dish.


Indian food

People now have started liking the spicy taste of Indian food. That’s why you will see lots of Indian restaurants all over the world. Spices and herbs are common in Indian dishes. With so much diversity, you will find varying tastes and flavors in the Indian dishes.

Tasting foods from other nations can be exciting and fun. The foods just mentioned are delicious. You should try different kinds of food to enjoy.

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