Best Tips to your health, wealth and wisdom

Your health is your wealth. The cost of neglecting and not paying attention to your health can be humongous and devastating. Not being in the right state of health can cost you. Being in health ensures that you donut suffer from lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure as a result of high cholesterol levels, Diabetes, arthritis and even a stroke.


There are several lifestyle changes that you must and should make inorder to mantain your health, they include:

  1. Exercising- we have heard it over and over again it almost sounds like a broken record. However, exercise is among the most important keys to a healthy, wealthy and longer life. As an individual you should take it upon yourself to exercise as regularly as possible. You should strive to find a fitness program that you can be able to stick to a good fitness program should contain all the major exercises that will challenge your whole body. From cardio to strength training and even flexibility training such as yoga. If you are not a gym person, then you can try home work out programs, if you are a running person then you must stick to it, be consistent and committed. If you are currently obese and can’t undertake intense exercise then try walking, then jog till you are fit enough to run. The idea is to keep moving and keep your body active.
  2. Eating a healthy and balanced diet- Easier said than done, but it is very essential to start eating a healthy meal, with exercise and a balanced diet, you are half way there. Drop that burger and take an apple if you must snack, take a glass of water instead of that soda Take those vegetables and stay away from processed foods, if you must take carbohydrates go for the whole grain meals such as brown bread instead of white bread.
  3. Drinking water- drink as much water as possible. The ideal amount is at least 8 glasses daily. Water is good for your health, it helps flush out toxins from your body and also help you regulate the amount of food you take. Before eating any meal try drinking at least a glass of water, most often than not we tend to be more thirsty than hungry and with taking that glass of water you will reduce your intake of food to eat only what you need.
  4. Drop bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, excess drinking of alcohol and even excess in of salt. Smoking is a major cause of heart and lung diseases, alcohol contributes to liver problems whereas salt contributes to high blood pressure, further, you should try as much as possible not to add salt at the table.
  5. Manage your weight- Maintain a healthy BMI to keep many health risks at bay. EHIC RENEWAL

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Without your health you cannot operate, be wise and take care of your body. Its all you got.

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