Everything You Need to Know about the Ketogenic Diet

Are you looking for a new diet? There are many ones but one of the top ones to consider is the ketogenic diet.


What’s the Ketogenic/Keto Diet?

The ketogenic or “keto” diet is a popular low-carbohydrate diet that involves the body manufacturing ketones in the liver for energy. When people eat high-carb meals this produces glucose and insulin in the body. Glucose is the easier molecule bodies can change into energy and the body picks it first as a source of energy. Meanwhile, the body produces insulin in order to process glucose in the blood by distributing it throughout the body.

In the case of the keto diet, there’s a very low-carb intake. This causes the body to go into a state called “ketosis.” The body uses this process to survive when the food intake is low. In this state, the body produces something called “ketones” when fat is broken down in the body’s liver.


The ketogenic diet’s goal is to force a person’s body into the metabolic state. It’s done through starvation of carbs instead of starvation of calories. The human body can adapt well to what you feed it. For example, when you add more fat and remove carbs it starts burning ketones as the main energy source. This can produce several health, weight-loss, and physical/mental performance advantages.


Keto Diet Food List

Here are the main food groups you can use when on the keto diet:


  1. Protein

It’s important to eat the healthiest meat as possible. That includes organic, grass-fed, and pasture-raised meals. Protein is important to the ketogenic diet but you shouldn’t overdo it. Make sure that you eat a moderate amount of all the food groups in the keto diet list.


  1. Oils/Fats

It’s important to get your fat from natural foods like meat and nuts. You can also use saturated/monounsaturated fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and butter. One option is to cook with them so you can add healthy oils/fats to your meals.


  1. Dairy

Most kinds of dairy foods are ok with the keto diet. It’s important to eat full-fat dairy including milk and yogurt. If you want to eat cheese then you should focus on hard cheese since they usually have fewer carbs than soft cheese.


  1. Seeds/Nuts

These can be a great source of fiber, protein, etc. They can add a lot of interesting flavors and textures to your foods. It’s important to consider nuts that are high in fat like almonds.


  1. Vegetables

You can eat either fresh or frozen variety of veggies. Make sure to focus on vegetables that are grown above the ground. One of the best options is green/leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale, and so on. These are full of vitamins and minerals.


  1. Beverages

It’s a good idea to drink mostly water. If you want to add some flavor you could use lemon or lime juice.


Top Benefits of Keto Diet


  • Weight loss
  • Prevents cancer
  • Reverses Type 2-diabetes
  • Fewer stomach Problems
  • Fuel for brain (ketones)
  • Boosts physical endurance
  • Less acne
  • Controls epilepsy

Top 6 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Women’s body faces numerous changes throughout the life and they can cause various good or bad results on overall health. The most common trouble that women face with changing health conditions in their life is the unusual hair loss. You might have tried so many hair care products to cope up with this problem but in medical terms it is more important to deal with the root causes first. Here are 6 common reasons that lead to hair loss in women:

  1. Bad hair care habits:

Many girls try excessive hairstyling tools like curlers, gels, sprays, mousse and colours etc. The prolonged and too much use of these products can destroy the natural health of hair and hamper their normal growth. Wrong comb styles, tight ponytails, parting hair can further make the situation worst. It is good to try natural hair care treatments to let them grow in healthy manner.

  1. Anemia:

When you follow low iron intake, it leads to anemia. Most of the females are observed to suffer with anemia, especially due to heavy menstruation. This problem may also arise due to improper amount of folic acid inside body. The ultimate results are reduction in haemoglobin production that reduces oxygen in organs. When your hair follicles are not able to receive right amount of oxygen, they naturally start growing weaker and break with time.

  1. Hormonal imbalances:

This is the state where androgens or male hormones get secreted in excess proportion and they try to create a fluid like sac around ovaries. This condition is known as Cysts and it majorly occurs due to improper hormonal balance in the body of a women. This issue has major impact on hair growth. Females may find unwanted hair growth in other parts of body whereas it starts reducing hair around scalp.

  1. Labour:

Many surveys reveal that most of the women face undesired hair loss after delivery. Generally, during pregnancy, estrogens level rise up to peaks inside body of a female and they naturally have better hair. But once the baby comes out then all hormones slowly come out to their normal balance and it may often lead to severe hair fall at least at once. But note that, this is just a temporary state and you will find your hairs normal within few weeks.

  1. Protein deficiency:

You need to know that hairs are actually made up of protein cells that are commonly known as Keratin. When females do not add proper care to their routine diet they often lose protein content in body and it causes direct side effect on their hair. Reduced protein levels make hair more brittle and they start falling prematurely. So the best solution is to switch to healthy diet and let your hair grow healthier.

  1. Disturbed medical conditions:

Few medial illness states can also lead to hair loss. The most common situations are thyroid and autoimmune disease. If your body is facing too much hormonal imbalances then you may face more troubles. It is better to ask medical experts for proper guidelines. Check some official health product reviews to get complete details about best recommendations.

What Is The Best Way To Shave My Face?

What a question! Everyone wonders at some stage and even if your dad has passed down his shaving ritual, one still wants to know what the best approach to shaving is. From shaving techniques to creams and brushes, razors and post-shaving skin care, we’re here to help you find the best way to shave your face and become a true gentleman of class.

What Is The Best Way To Shave My Face?

The thought put into your personal routine of shaving can go a long way in achieving that perfect, classy shave! To sum it up for you, the best way to shave your face is:

  1. Choose a shaving mechanism that works for you: Consider your type of skin, your budget and your shaving preferences and choose a razor – be it a cut-throat blade, double edge razor, disposable cartridge razor or even electric razor – that suits your style.
  2. Select a proper shaving cream, gel or soap according to the type of razor you have selected: Shaving creams work best with double edged or straight razors while a gel or foam is suited for disposable cartridge blades. A shaving soap is suited for both electric razors and safety or cut-throat razors.
  3. Invest in a good brush: It will help lift your hairs prior to shaving, therewith allowing for a closer and cleaner shave.
  4. Use proper aftershave: Apply an aftershave to moisturise the skin after shaving and ensure that it is a quality aftershave with nourishing properties.

Firstly, what are the differences in shaving with the various razor types available?

Choose A Quality Razor



Electric razors are ideal for the individual who wants to be able to choose between various settings that only the new technology can bring – think rotating and vibrating razor blades and adjustable heads. Depending on the model they allow for different shaving speeds, have an adjustable head and usually have a built-in cleaning system that can clean, lubricate and dry your razor.

When purchasing an electric razor, be sure to distinguish between the two main types available: rotary shavers with revolving motions that get closer shaves and foil shavers with oscillating blades that allow for quicker and more efficient shaving. Be sure to understand the growth direction of your facial hair and approach shaving accordingly.

Most electric shavers are used for dry shaving, requiring the face to be well washed with hot water beforehand. Dry shaving is to be combined with the use of an alcohol based pre-shave to ensure that the facial hair is standing up for a closer shave. Are you a bit lazy or rushed in the mornings? Then this is the razor for you, best suited for quick shaves on a daily basis.

Straight razors are the old-school style that still prove efficient and reign supreme in getting the closest shave possible, especially if the blade has been properly sharpened and maintained. The straight razors consist of a single sharp blade and are often used in conjunction with a shaving balm or lotion to reduce skin irritation after shaving.

Double-edged razors, or safety razors, are an older practice that has seen some comeback due to their success in obtaining a true close shave.

How does it work? Soak your shaving brush in steaming water, which helps to lift hairs for a closer shave. Lather on plenty of shave soap and angle the razor at about 30 degrees. Pull the razor straight down without applying pressure and repeat this until you achieve that beautiful smooth face.

Although it will take a while to master this form of shaving, the reward will be the well-earned satisfaction of your effortless, smooth-shaven results. These razors are best paired with a routine of regular shaving and won’t hold up well against a longer beard with tough hair – sorry for the men who like their beards long! Requiring a bit more effort and time, this form of shaving is slow-paced but offers quality results.

Cartridge razors are the typical multi-blade disposable razors commonly found in supermarkets and offer safe and easy use, ideal for younger men who are just starting to shave and excellent for young boys who are eager to play around with the first few whiskers sprouting from their chins.

Cartridge razors can have as many as 5 blades and are usually made from an inferior quality steel, making them cheaper and convenient for travel or a quick shave when you’re pressed for time. Cartridge razors are also available in slightly costlier but better performing versions, offering closer shaves at a price that’s still very decent.

The recent trend is to move away from these razors as the other methods which have stood the test of time still provide a closer shave, cause less irritation to the skin and are more cost-effective over the long run.

Crème de la Shaving Crème

Just as there are many types of razors available, there is an equal amount of shaving creams available on the market with the two main options being brushless shaving cream and lathering shaving cream. The former does not form a lather, meaning it can be applied directly to the face.

Lather shaving cream needs a shaving brush to form a thick foam to be used for shaving. Shaving cream allows for easier shaving as the blade can move smoothly across the skin, causing minimal skin abrasions and cuts. Keep in mind that there is also a major difference between shaving cream, soap and foam. Foams, also known as shaving gel, are the cheapest option but might not work too well on dry skin as they offer minimal moisture.

Cream creates the most foam and is suitable for all skin types, while soaps are generally unscented and thus cater specifically for more sensitive skin prone to rashes and irritation. As gathered from several in-depth articles on the topic, shaving cream Is best used when a lather is built up using the brush and a mug and then applied to the face, although simply slapping it on your cheeks after a bit of rubbing together should do the job as well.

If you’re in a hurry, we suggest sticking to the foams and gels that lather immediately. For those among us who love the art of perfection, go for a shaving soap that requires more time and skill to build up the perfect rich lather.

To Brush Or Not To Brush

Now that we’ve covered the shaving gel, foam, cream and soap, it’s critical to focus on another important aspect of shaving… the shaving brush! In fact, you won’t be able to use a soap or cream without this baby by your side.

The brush not only allows you to generate a deep lather to be applied before shaving but also softens and straightens the facial hair off the face to ensure a closer cut.

The brushing motion of sweeping over the pores helps lubricate the skin and also serves as a mild exfoliator to rid the skin of old skin cells. Say goodbye to those pesky post-shave rashes as they don’t stand a chance against the effects of a proper shaving brush.

Theses brushes can be made from horse, badger or boar hair and in some cases even synthetic materials. The only bad thing about shaving brushes is the hairs that will shed initially but after about 5 shaves your brush should be settled in and perform perfectly for the rest of its lifetime.

Shaving brushes are a relatively affordable but absolutely essential accessory in perfecting the art of a clean, smooth, healthy shave – with excellent results daily! There’s a great variety of shaving brushes on the market so look around until you find one that not only looks good but feels good to hold and brushes well on your skin.

Keep Your Skin Healthy Post-shave!

There’s nothing like a proper aftershave or balm to keep your skin happy, healthy and looking good. Your post-shaving skin care routine is just as important as your preparation before shaving and the deed itself.

It’s a part of shaving that should never be taken lightly and in the interest of getting an acne-free, smooth and clean shave, we recommend investing in a proper aftershave that will nourish and pamper your skin. Have a look at our article about sandalwood aftershaves for some great options that are sure to leave you – and your skin – feeling satisfied!


The proper choice of shaving razors and accessories could make a world’s difference to your regular shaving routine and now that you have all the information – there’s no excuse!

You know what the best way to shave your face is and you can get started straight away.

How to take a proper care for you face

The proper care for the face skin is a priority to every woman and women of all ages always try to find ways of keeping their skin young, fresh and moisturized for as long as possible. You can easily do that by following these simple steps.


1. Make sure that you use the right products that will most benefit your skin.

There are different types of skin and every one of them requires a different care. What works for your friends might not be good for you and vice versa. This is why it is always better to do a simple skin test defining your own type. This will help you find the right products that your skin needs. For example, normal skin does not need too special products. If you are a proud owner of this skin type, you are going to need cosmetic products that will only keep your skin in good condition. Avene Hydrance Legere is a wonderful face crème that will do just that. But if you own a sensitive skin, you are going to need something specific. In these cases a good advice is to visit dermatologist who will most definitely test your skin for allergies. This way will be way more confident when choosing your cosmetic products. All bio products are always good for all cases. The cocoa butter, for example, has an amazing ability to hydrate the skin by leaving it flawless and moisturized all day, so it is definitely a must – have product for every woman or a girl.

Talking about good cosmetic products, the next thing you need is a cleanser. The regular cleaning of your face is the key to a fresh and perfect skin. All cleansing products of “Uriage” and “Eucerin” are absolutely great and will do wonders to your skin as you will fell it getting softer and softer.

2. The next step is to create your daily routine and to be strict in completing it every time. Cleaning your face at least twice a day will make your skin look rested and fresh all the time. After you have found the right products for you, make sure that you use them at the right time every day. The thing that is most essential is the evening cleaning. At the end of the day your skin needs to be well taken care of, by gently removing the make up and all the dirt that had been accumulated on your skin.

Completing these two steps you will guarantee your skin a great and fresh look every day. Remember that your beauty is in your own hands, so do your best to make it last.
You may find more interesting articles about beauty on Femface.net.

How Can Air Purifiers Eradicate the Common Household Enemy –Mold?

Your beautiful home is likely to face attack or already has surrendered to an adversary if you are living in a place with high humidity. Smelling an unpleasant odor at home might be the hint towards the mold growing in some parts of your house. The walls when affected look ugly, and furniture soon crumbles to dust. However, it has more adverse harmful effects that you might consider paying attention to.

Mold the enemy of your health:

The tolerance power against mold varies from one individual to another. Hence, excess mold colonies in a house or work area can severely affect the immune system, viruses attacking the health. These harmful fungi are perilous to those allergic from the mold, individuals suffering from asthma. With prolonged exposure to these fungi, you may find difficulty in breathing, constant coughing, sneezing, irritation in throat and eyes and other health conditions. To get rid of these harmful mold colonies it is crucial to avail the service of experts of mold testing Kansas City and filter the air though purifiers.

The right product for the sanitary environment:

When looking for an ideal air purifier, it is necessary to focus on it works. Apart from considering, different sizes, shapes or color, also enquire about its technological feature. The more used and generic types of air purifiers have either of these filters:

  • HEPA ( high-efficiency particulate air)
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Ultra Violet technology
  • Negative ion
  • Ozone

The most effective one out of the above options is the HEPA filters. Air purifiers having this particular fine filter has proficiency in trapping all particles above the size of 0.3 microns. Hence, viruses, bacteria, and other particles are invisible to human vision and yet equally harmful for their well-being. The designing of this filter should be such that air would pass through it consistently. If the air is unable to pass through, it is a call to change the old filter with a new one.

However, the uneasy odor, intrusion of chemicals and gasses, would require the activated carbon filter. Hence, the perfect model is the HEPA air purifier with carbon filters that would control the odor, and keep the air fresh and pure.

How far can it help?

An air purifier prevents new mold clusters, by being a sturdy and protective barrier. It is a long-lasting product, which saves the furniture, walls from possible damaged as well. Hence, you would not have to worry about these extreme consequences. Besides, it also blocks the entry of viruses that harm the healthy people inhaling in that atmosphere. The role is to fight the new ones. However, it cannot help getting rid of the mold colonies already living on furniture and walls. Before installing it, scrape off the wall affected with the fungi, clean it thoroughly but do not rinse it with water.

Mostly, the affected areas are visible to the eye and hence easily cleaned off. However, the fungi invisible to the naked eye might still be there and could grow eventually. To ensure that you have treated it perfectly call upon the mold testing Kansas City services to inspect that no mold fungi or colony is still present in the treated area. Henceforth eliminate the entry of it by installing an effective air purifier.